청도관 · 靑濤館

Cheongdo-kwan is one of the nine schools of martial arts that contributed to the foundation of Taekwondo. Opened by 이원국 (Li Won-guk) around 1944 CE, the school is now a society, which officially supports the style of Taekwondo taught by 국기원 國技院 (Gukgiwon, Kukkiwon).


The founder of Cheongdo-kwan was 이원국 (Li Won-guk), who had trained in Taekkyeon in Seoul, and had also trained in Shōtōkan Karate under Funakoshi Gichin.


Name Date
이원국 (Li Won-guk) 1944
손덕성 (Son Deok-seong)
엄운규 (Eom Wun-gyu) 1959


(cheong) refers to celadon - a colour of ceramic that originated in China and is a pale green-blue similar to jade. This style of ceramics later became popular in Korea, where the colour celadon has the name 청자 (cheongja). (do) refers to a wave, and (gwan, kwan) refers to a training hall. Therefore, 청도관 靑濤館 (cheongdogwan) means 'Celadon Wave School' (though is often translated to 'Blue Wave School').

The name 'Cheongdo-kwan' follows the traditional naming scheme for martial arts styles. This would therefore mean that the style of martial arts practised at Cheongdo-kwan is called 'Cheongdo-kwan Taekwondo'.


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