오도관 · 吾道館

Odo-kwan is one of the nine schools of martial arts that contributed to the foundation of Taekwondo. Opened by 최홍희 (Choi Hong-hi) and 남태희 (Nam Tae-hi) in 1953 CE, the school is now a society, which officially supports the style of Taekwondo taught by 국기원 國技院 (Gukgiwon, Kukkiwon).


Both Choi Hong-hi and Nam Tae-hi were formerly students at Cheongdo-kwan. Choi Hong-hi, with the assistance of Nam Tae-hi, developed his own style of Taekwondo, and so the two of them separated from Cheongdo-kwan and opened their own school, calling it Odo-kwan. In the beginning, many of the students at Odo-kwan were also former Cheongdo-kwan students.

Choi later gave a new name to his style of martial arts, 창헌유 蒼軒流 (Changheonyu), which is derived from his pen name, 창헌 蒼軒 (Changheon), meaning 'Blue Pavillion'.


(o) means 'my' or 'our', (o) means 'way', and (gwan, kwan) refers to a training hall. Therefore, 오도관 吾道館 (odogwan) means 'The School of Our Way'.

The name 'Odo-kwan' follows the traditional naming scheme for martial arts styles. This would therefore mean that the style of martial arts practised at Odo-kwan is called 'Odo-kwan Taekwondo'.

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