Related Forms

관련이 있는 형 (gwannyeon-i inneun hyeong)

Taekwondo is strongly related to Karate and other martial arts of Japanese and Okinawan origin. In some of the older books on Taekwondo, forms from various schools of Karate are included. Nowadays, almost no schools of Taekwondo teach these forms. However, on this website the primary objective is to provide as much information on Taekwondo as possible, so these lost forms will be described here.

Korean Date

The date today is,

4350 년 8 월 4 일 (4350, Month 8 Day 4) (24 September 2017 CE)

This is the date according to the traditional lunisolar calendar of Korea. (Note that this is not an authoritative calculation; I’m still working on the details.) The years count back to the legendary founding of Korea by 단군 왕검 (Dan-gun Wanggeom).