One-Step Sparring

일보 맞서기 Ilbo Matseogi

For a number of associations, students need to develop their own sequences of movements at this level. Typically, students need to consider a defensive set of movements against a single punch.


In creating your own sequences of movements, one of the most important aspects to consider is how well the sequence will work in real situations.


By the time you learn one-step sparring, you will have practised other forms for some time, and so it’s important to show you’re knowledge of more difficult techniques. One way to achieve this is consider the more rarely used techniques, and think about how their properties can give a particular advantage in combat.


A sequence of movements will have many properties which contribute to its flow. One element is whether it is possible for one movement to follow on from another, whether one movement leaves an opening for the next to strike to. It may be that by blocking the punch to move the arm across the body, that it is difficult to strike to the middle section. Another is whether the momentum from one movement is reused in another, or whether hand techniques are used in and effort-efficient combination.

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