Grasps, 잡기 (japgi)

Grasping techniques are uncommon in Northern Style Taekwondo, particularly in the lower grades. This is in line with the central concepts within the art; Taekwondo focuses on striking techniques, where the impact is quick, rather than locking or throwing techniques. On a related note, grasping techniques are often combined with blocks, and could be viewed as a variation on the block, rather than a separate movement.

‘U’ Grasp, 디긑자 잡기 (digeutja japgi)

Korean Date

The date today is,

4350 년 8 월 4 일 (4350, Month 8 Day 4) (24 September 2017 CE)

This is the date according to the traditional lunisolar calendar of Korea. (Note that this is not an authoritative calculation; I’m still working on the details.) The years count back to the legendary founding of Korea by 단군 왕검 (Dan-gun Wanggeom).