Punches, 지르기 (jireugi)

Punches form one group of attack techniques. Their motion is similar to that of a thrust technique, in that it moves directly towards the target, however it is distinct in using the fist hand formation to strike, and the fore-fist as the striking surface. Whilst back-fist and side-fist strikes use the fist formation, they do not move directly towards the target, nor do they strike with the fore-fist.

Striking Surface

The striking surface for all punches is the same; the fore-fist. Though many students begin by thinking that the fore-fist is the entire front surface of the closed fist, this is not so. The fourth and fifth knuckles are not strong enough to withstand impact, and it is the surface just below the first and second knuckles of a closed fist which strike.

Uprighted and Upturned Fist

The normal punch has the palm down and the back-hand up. This type of punch is typically the first attacking technique learnt. Later on, students learn of the upturned punch (sometimes called the up-set punch), with the palm up and the back-hand down, and the uprighted punch (sometimes called the vertical punch), with the side-fist down. These second and third techniques are not seen frequently within taekwondo, and are consequently underused. They are however, extremely useful.

Uprighted Punch, 세워 지르기 (sewo jireugi)

Upturned Punch, 뒤집어 지르기 (dwijibeo jireugi), 뒤집은 지르기 (dwijibeun jireugi)


Being forward-striking techniques, punches can essentially move in any direction. This is unlike strikes, which, because they move through a curve, depend on the structure of the arm, and so some directions are restricted. The most common punching direction is forwards, followed by sideways, but occasionally forms will include downward or upward punching.

Front Punch, 앞 지르기 (ap jireugi)

Side Punch, 옆 지르기 (yeop jireugi)

Upward Punch, 올려 지르기 (ollyeo jireugi)

Downward Punch, 내려 지르기 (naeryeo jireugi)


Like most techniques, punches can be directed towards different target sections.

Low Punch, 낮은 지르기 (najeun jireugi)

Mid Punch, 가운데 지르기 (gaunde jireugi)

High Punch, 높은 지르기 (nopeun jireugi)

Other Types

Double Punch, 두 지르기 (du jireugi)

Twin Punch, 쌍 지르기 (ssang jireugi)

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