Strikes, 때리기 (ttaerigi)

Striking techniques include any primarily offensive motion which does not move towards the target in a straight line. They are separate from the punches, which use the fist hand form as the striking surface and move towards to target in a straight line, and they are also separate from the thrusting techniques, which don’t use the fist hand form but still move in a straight line.

Striking Surfaces

Because strikes move through a curved line towards the target, they expose some striking surfaces which would otherwise not be available. The striking techniques are numerous largely because of the diversity of striking surfaces.

Blade-hand Strike, 손칼 때리기 (sonkal ttaerigi)

Back Blade-hand Strike, 손칼등 때리기 (sonkaldeung ttaerigi)

Arc-hand Strike, 반달손 때리기 (bandalson ttaerigi)

Back-fist Strike, 등주먹 때리기 (deungjumeok ttaerigi)

Side-fist Strike, 옆주먹 때리기 (yeopjumeok ttaerigi)

Palm Strike, 손바닥 때리기 (sonbadak ttaerigi)

Elbow Strike, 팔굽 때리기 (palgup ttaerigi)

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