In this section of the website I intend to write and complete biographical pages on everyone involved in the creation of Taekwondo. It is a long task, and one which is a long way from completion; this part of the website will therefore, like most of it, slowly update over time.

I note that it is also an uncertain task; there exist very few historical records on the development of Taekwondo, and they often cover only part of the story. Many accounts are anecdotal, or heavily favour one style of the art. I should like to have many, good references by the end, but in the meantime I imagine much of what is written will remain unreferenced. If you’re reading an article, and there are no or few references, it’s best to take what you see with a degree of natural scepticism.

I note also that this section of the website is separate from the content that is split according to style. This is because many of the people involved in the development of the art were involved with multiple styles, or none of the modern styles, and so it would be unhelpful to split them this way.

Korean Date

The date today is,

4350 년 8 월 4 일 (4350, Month 8 Day 4) (24 September 2017 CE)

This is the date according to the traditional lunisolar calendar of Korea. (Note that this is not an authoritative calculation; I’m still working on the details.) The years count back to the legendary founding of Korea by 단군 왕검 (Dan-gun Wanggeom).