Choi Chang-keun, Ninth Degree

최창근 · 崔昌根

Choi Chang-keun is a Taekwondo Gwanjang from South Korea, and is one of the twelve original masters of the art.

In 1962, Choi won the first Taekwondo World Championships in both forms and sparring divisions. The following year he also won in the first Taesudo World Championships for his division.

1956 Taekwondo and Karate from Hong Sung-in and Kim [1]
1958 Taekwondo from Wu Jong-lim [1]
1960 (?) Accorded Second Degree
1962 Accorded Third Degree by Wu Jong-lim
1981 Accorded Eighth Degree [1]
2002 Accorded Ninth Degree [1]
Competition Awards
1962 Won in both sparring and forms divisions at the First Korean Taekwondo Championships in 원주 (wonju) city. [1]
1963 Won in the full contact heavyweight sparring division for third to fifth degree students at the First Korean Taesudo Championships. [1]



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