Funakoshi Gichin, Founder of Shōtōkan Karate

船越 義珍

Funakoshi Gichin (10 November 1868 CE to 26 April 1957 CE) was the founder of Shōtōkan Karate. Following the teachings of Ankō Itosu, he was one of the Okinawan Karate masters who brought the art to the mainland in 1922.

One of his students was Li Won-guk: a Korean national who had travelled to the Japanese mainland during the occupation of Korea. It is through Li Won-guk and Funakoshi Gichin that Taekwondo traces its lineage to Karate and all of the Japanese and Chinese martial arts styles.

Korean Date

The date today is,

4350 년 7 월 29 일 (4350, Month 7 Day 29) (19 September 2017 CE)

This is the date according to the traditional lunisolar calendar of Korea. (Note that this is not an authoritative calculation; I’m still working on the details.) The years count back to the legendary founding of Korea by 단군 왕검 (Dan-gun Wanggeom).