Sometimes written Palgwe.

팔괘 (palgwae) refers to eight forms, representing the eight trigrams, learnt by some students of the southern style of Taekwondo. Many southern-style schools no longer practise these forms, instead learning the 태극 (taegeuk) forms.


One of the defining attributes of the Palgwae forms is the absence of the walking stance seen in the Taegeuk and Pumsae forms. In the southern style, a walking stance could be considered a shortened variant of the forward stance or long stance. Whilst the northern style has a stance called a 'walking stance', it is the equivalent of the southern style forward stance; the northern style has no stance of the same shape as the southern style walking stance. It is in this respect, and others, that the Palgwae forms are very similar to the forms of the northern style.

Furthermore, there are numerous combinations seen in the Palgwae forms which look very similar to combinations from northern forms.

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