Competition Terminology

This list contains words and phrases used in world federation style competitions, including the Olympic Games.

Korean English Notes
경쟁 (gyeongjaeng), 경기 (gyeonggi) competition
규정 (gyujeong) rules
주심 (jushim) referee
게심 (gyeshim) time keeper
심판원 (shimpanwon) umpire
호구 (hogu) protective gear
일 회전 (il hoejeon) first round
이 회전 (i hoejeon) second round
삼 회전 (sam hoejeon) third round
(cheong) blue Competitors will fight in pairs, one wearing red armour and the other wearing blue; these correspond to the colours on the South Korean flag.
(hong) red
(dae) versus
체급 (chegeup) weight Competitors fight people in the same height and weight divisions. Lower grades will also be split into belt colour divisions.
신장 (shinjang) height
부상 (busang) injury
실격 (shilgyeok) disqualification
경고 (gyeonggo) warning
감점 (gamjeom) demerit Competitors can lose points for breaking the rules of the competition, which often includes using banned techniques or striking the opponent incorrectly.
득점 (deukjeom) merit

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